EPBS-Intermedix was voted one of the top places to work in Oklahoma in 2007 and 2008 - and there are plenty of reasons why. With almost 600 employees working in various locations across the country, we have worked hard to create one of the most unique working environments you are likely to find.


Benefits and Rewards

We've worked hard to create a work culture and environment that is, well, beneficial and rewarding. This permeates everything we do and so, it is difficult to paint a simple but still accurate picture of all the things that make this a great place to work. Often, it's the little intangible things that make something special and that is definitely the case with us.

One of the biggest benefits to working here that comes to most of our Team Members' minds is the flexible work schedules.
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Another thing we do that seems to make us different is avoiding overtime. In an era where many corporations have such things as ongoing mandatory overtime, we strive to keep our Team Members to a standard forty-hour work week.
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One of the highlights of our year is our Annual Employee Appreciation Banquet. This is the time of the year we recognize all of our Team Members for making us successful.
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Another unique thing we do is just being there for each other. The company sponsors a Benevolence Fund to assist those Team Members who have fallen on hard times.
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The list could go on and on. When one of our Team Members asks us for something, whether it's doing away with a rule that no longer serves a useful purpose or for something they feel would make them happy or more productive, the very first question we ask ourselves is, "why not?". We constantly find ourselves amazed at the working conditions found out there in business-as-usual corporate America. What kind of company would you rather work for, a "why not?" kind of place, or a "why?" kind of place?
The company's executive team has developed a comprehensive benefits and rewards program. Protecting our employees financially from losses relating to health and life as well as creating opportunities for financial security are the primary goals achieved with this plan.
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