Our strong culture of compliance provides safeguards for your practice. We have Quality Assurance Programs designed to monitor compliance and we take all appropriate steps to ensure our programs stay current with all evolving standards.


EPBS-Intermedix has a formal, comprehensive Compliance Program that follows the guidelines provided by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) as well as industry best practices. Here are some of the things the EPBS-Intermedix Compliance Program - Do The Right Thing - includes:

  • Full-time, professional Corporate Compliance Officer and a specialized Coding Compliance Officer
  • Written Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct
  • Comprehensive Training and Continuing Education Programs for all employees
  • Quality Assurance Programs throughout the company
  • Confidential Disclosure Program, including a Confidential Hotline to receive questions and report problems
  • Corporate Responsibility Committee
  • Written Policies and Procedures for all operational areas

EPBS-Intermedix continues to strive toward the highest standards of quality and value to benefit and protect our clients and ourselves. The EPBS-Intermedix Corporate Compliance Program is designed to prevent, detect and fix problems; to empower each employee with responsibility for compliance; and provides all employees with a process for seeking guidance or reporting issues.

By consistently applying our high ethical standards to each one of our business relationships, we continue to reinforce compliance in our corporate culture - which is conducive to individual, company and client success.


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