EPBS-Intermedix was voted one of the top places to work in Oklahoma in 2007 and 2008 - and there are plenty of reasons why. With over 500 employees working from four different physical locations here in the metro area, we have worked hard to create one of the most unique working environments you are likely to find.

How to Apply

This guide will help you determine which job postings are currently open, will aid you in selecting an appropriate job classification, and will show you how to submit your application and resume. It will also explain the interview process and what to expect when being considered for a position.

1) To view current openings, click here.

2) All EPBS-Intermedix job positions are listed. The jobs listed in red are the ones we are currently recruiting for. While you can apply for any position at any time, these are the current positions we are looking to fill and will have the highest probability of getting you to the interview stage more quickly.

3) Select the position you are interested in and carefully read its description - making sure you meet the minimum qualifications (if listed), have the desired work history, and would generally be happy performing the essential duties of the position.

4) Complete and submit application here.

Please search our “Job Category” field for a list of available departments that we are hiring for or enter a keyword or phrase of a job of interest and click “View All Positions.” Next, click on the position title of interest and review the job description. If the position sounds desirable please click on “Submit Your Application.” If this is your first time in the system you will need to set up your employment profile by entering a username and password. At this point you are welcome to upload your resume or copy and paste it into the “Paste Text” field and click “Continue.” Next, input your Personal and Professional information. Feel free to submit a cover letter in the appropriate field on this page. When you have completed all appropriate fields click on “Submit Form.” Next, complete the entire application and include all relevant professional and educational information.


Click the electronic signature box at the bottom to verify the accuracy of the information provided and click “Save Application.” Next, complete the “Healthcare Debarment” and the “Background Investigation” assessment tests and click “Submit Assessment Test.” Next, complete or decline to complete the EEO/EOC survey and click “Continue to Assessment Test.” Next, click “Begin Assessment Test” and complete the required questions and click “Submit Assessment Test.” Your application is now complete.

Helpful Hint: Your application is the main tool we have to assess your strengths and compatibility, and is often our first impression of you. Remember to fill out the application completely and include the position(s) you are applying for, work history (including job duties and dates of employment) dating back seven years if possible, education information and relevant job skills.

Please do not put "see resume" in any field when filling out the application. If you would like to submit a resume and cover letter with your application, you are welcome to submit it along with your application, but all relevant information must be included on the application itself. Please submit all documents at the same time when applying.

In person: Go to 3303 S. Meridian Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73119 and fill out an application (if you haven't already done so) and turn it in to the receptionist at the front desk on the east side of the building. Note: The doors on the west side of the building are locked.

Helpful Hint: If you are interested in multiple positions, you do not need to submit more than one application or resume. Simply indicate on your cover letter or application all of the positions that interest you.

What to Expect When Your Application has been Submitted:
1. Please allow five business days for us to review your application. Remember, the positions we are currently hiring for take priority over all other positions. Therefore, there will be a delay in processing applications for positions we are not currently hiring for.

2. We will review every application submitted and, if interested, we will contact you for an interview.

3. If invited, at your first interview you will be asked general information about your work history, educational background and more. You will be given a description about the job to which you are applying for and the essential duties and responsibilities required of the position. You will also be administered any tests required of the position (for example, you might be asked to take a 10-Key Test, Typing Test or a Dictation Test).

4. Based on the results of your application, test scores (if applicable) and your first interview, you may be asked back for a second interview. Your recruiter will contact you if this is the case.

5. If selected for a second interview, you will meet with the hiring manager directly. The hiring manager will assess what you can offer the position and be able to explain the position more in-depth and will provide general information about the position (i.e. starting salary, work environment, etc.).

6. If you are selected for the position, your recruiter or hiring manager will contact you directly to make you an offer, set the start date, and set up any necessary training, such as new employee orientation.

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