EPBS-Intermedix was voted one of the top places to work in Oklahoma in 2007 and 2008 - and there are plenty of reasons why. With almost 600 employees working in various locations across the country, we have worked hard to create one of the most unique working environments you are likely to find.



There is a reason our Team Members encourage their family members, friends and neighbors to apply here, and why so many of our former employees decide to come back - we treat people like people. We've created a culture that respects the individual and sets professionalism as the norm. Here are a few things our team members are saying about their careers at EPBS-Intermedix:

"EPBS-Intermedix is a great company to work for because it is not just a job. We are one big family. We work together as a team and if ever a crisis occurs, everyone pulls together and helps out."
Correspondence Team Member, 10 years

"As an EPBS-Intermedix employee, I feel valued and appreciated. The company recognizes and rewards my hard work and dedication. I absolutely love my job and the pleasant staff I work with. I am trusted to complete my work accurately and on time without regular supervision by leadership staff. The company has always treated me professionally while maintaining a family-like atmosphere of fairness and understanding. I look forward to creating and expanding my future with EPBS-Intermedix."
Data Entry Team Member, 8 years

"EPBS-Intermedix is the best company I have ever worked for. I have never worked for a company that clearly cares for its employees the way EPBS-Intermedix does. EPBS-Intermedix has always been there for me, encouraged and uplifted me, and been loving, caring and understanding. They expect the best from me and they give the best to me and to our clients. I have no desire to work for anyone else because the true fellowship and caring attitude that they have for us is very rare."
Transcription Team Member, 9 years

"Why EPBS-Intermedix? Because they care! They care about their employees and their clients. EPBS-Intermedix goes the extra mile to show it everyday, not just once a year. From the CEO down, if you have a problem, they want to help. I love my job!"
Coding Team Member, 4 years

"I like working here because I like the family atmosphere. Many companies claim to have a family atmosphere but this one delivers. No one cares for you or treats you like this company does and I feel like a family member here."
Information Systems Team Member, 4 years

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